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Laboratory Work

Our in-house laboratory is fully equipped to allow us to offer an array of point-of-care testing within minutes – including Complete Blood Counts (CBC), Chemistry panels, Electrolytes, Urinalysis, and Pancreatic screening. In addition, we offer routine health tests such as internal parasite screens, cytology, fine needle aspirates, infectious disease screening, and skin scrapings. We know that laboratory testing is a cornerstone of preventative health care, illness detection, and assessing anesthetic risks - we want these services to be readily available and affordable to our clients.

Why Lab Testing
Is Important 

We are able to identify or rule out any potential internal problems with your pet thanks to lab tests. We use a range of tests to find any potential underlying problems that our team should be aware of when formulating a plan of care for your pet.


Many tests can be completed in-house by Poynette Veterinary Care, especially for patients in urgent need of care. For thorough, regular testing, we also collaborate with an outside laboratory on a regular basis.

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