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Pet Wellness care

Proactively maintaining your pet's health and reducing their risk of illness can be accomplished with wellness care. Wellness checkups for dogs and cats should be done annually because, at Poynette Veterinary Care, we think that prevention is the best medicine. Future-focused and preemptive problem solving is essential to providing high-quality healthcare. We may also educate you on your pet's needs, condition, and warning signs of a possible health issue through wellness care. By providing you with the knowledge and skills necessary to make wise decisions about your pet's continuing care, we hope to enable you to provide them a long and happy life alongside you.

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What to Expect with Pet Wellness Care

The phrase "wellness care" refers to a wide range of essential services and procedures for your pet. It entails regular examinations with our staff to guarantee your four-legged family member is in good health and enables us to cure any problems that may have arisen after your pet's last appointment.

Pet Wellness Care typically Includes

  • A thorough physical examination that includes an assessment of the heart and lungs

  • Using fecal testing and blood work to screen for infections, parasites, and other internal problems

  • The giving of any immunizations that are advised

  • A discussion regarding the diet, lifestyle, behavior, and other critical aspects of your pet

  • The chance for you to voice any concerns or ask any questions you may have regarding your pet

  • Therapy for a current medical issue

Why Annual and Biannual Checkups
Are Important 

Why is it necessary for us to examine your pet once or twice a year? Is it truly required? Our staff at Poynette Veterinary Care is committed to assisting you in taking care of your pet's health so that you may have many years of joyful times together. Because pets age considerably faster than humans, we are aware of how quickly their condition can change! We can identify underlying illness processes earlier and address them before they cause further problems for your pet if you and your pet check in once or twice a year.

Furthermore, your pet's health deteriorates and their risk of illness increases as they get older and enter the senior period. We can work with you to enhance your pet's quality of life and make their golden years more comfortable if we see your senior pet more frequently.

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